Orange Sky Travel has partnered with MK Fundraising to bring you another powerful tool to support your student’s travel experience!  Use the catalogs below to introduce friends and family members to some great products.  Then, direct them to this web page to make their purchases while you are with them using a credit or debit card. 

Click “Submit Your Order” above and enter the price for the entire order under “Enter an amount”.  Each order may have a total of 3 different products.  For additional orders simply revisit the page and complete the form for those items.Use this page to place your order with MK Fundraising catalog sales.  You may purchase up to 3 different items and up to 10 quantities of each item at a time.  Orders will be shipped to the school and delivered by the benefiting student.  If you have questions about your order, please contact your school representative.

Students will receive 35% of all sales.  Earned funds are credited to MyAccount after your program ends.