How it works... 

Buy gift cards through SKYFUNDS to your favorite stores, restaurants, and entertainment stops at face value and a percentage of your order will be deposited as travel credit to the Orange Sky Travel participant of your choice.  Physical cards are direct mailed within 7 business days of ordering, and ScripNow (e-cards) are delivered to your email and placed in your ScripWallet within seconds for immediate use.


Keep 80% of the Profit

For example... Let's say you purchase $500/month in groceries at your local store using SKYFUNDS.  At a gross profit of 4.0% the participant would receive 80%, which is $16 of FREE travel credit a month or $192 of FREE travel credit per year.  Actual rates vary depending on retailers (up to 25%).  See list of retailers.   


Setting up your Account

In order to receive travel credit you must have a SKYFUNDS account with Orange Sky Travel, LLC.  Visit MyAccount to register and enter booking code 10001.  On the SKYFUNDS booking page, please use the promo code FUNDS.  After creating your account you will be prompted to Enroll with Scrip which enables you to begin purchasing gift cards.  MyAccount tracks the travel credit you earn using Scrip Fundraising.   Travel credit may be earned by purchasing physical cards at or by filling out our mail-in order form and by purchasing ScripNow (e-gift cards) at  


Maximize your earning potential

Scrip fundraising works best when a committed group of supporters make purchasing gift cards or ScripNow part of their lifestyle.  Identify a team of people who would be willing to support you or your group and encourage them to faithfully purchase cards on your behalf. Invite local businesses to participate as well. More than 75% of small to medium-sized businesses purchase gift cards for the holidays and special occasions in line at a local store. Many businesses also make regular purchases from participating retailers for supplies.   In addition, donations to SKYFUNDS for the benefit of an entire group or a select number of individuals in need previously identified by the school or organization, may be tax-deductible.  See our FAQ's below for more information.

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How do I earn travel credit?

We currently offer two ways to earn SKYFUNDS travel credit. (1) With scrip fundraising participants earn FREE travel credit by using gift cards to purchase everyday items. Each participating retailer sells their cards to our scrip partner at a discounted rate. As cards are purchased our scrip partner sends the "profit" to SKYFUNDS as a rebate. SKYFUNDS retains 20% of the rebate received from each purchase (for processing, shipping, etc.) and applies 80% to the participant, group, or organziation designated by the purchaser. Travel credit may be earned by purchasing prepaid cards at or by filling out our mail-in order form and by purchasing ScripNow (e-gift cards) at (2) Another way to earn travel credit is by donation. Family members, friends, and business may donate travel credit by credit card or by check to the participant or organization of their choice. As with SCRIP, a 20% fee is applied to all travel credit donations to cover credit card processing and handling. See below for potential tax benefits.

How is travel credit applied?

Orange Sky applies SKYFUNDS travel credit to the individual or group's SKYFUNDS account twice a month, on the 15th and 30th. Travel credit is reflected by a negative balance in your SKYFUNDS account at For example, $100 in travel credit would be reflected as -$100 in the participant or group's SKYFUNDS account.

How do I redeem my travel credit?

You may redeem your travel credit at any time with no transfer fee from your SKYFUNDS account to a current travel experience (TREX) with Orange Sky Travel. You may also tranfer credit from your SKYFUNDS account to another Orange Sky Travel participant at no cost. Credits may be transferred to a student's school or organzation for the purpose of educational travel at a handling fee of 10% per transaction. Credit transferred externally must be payable to and approved by the receiving school or organization. To redeem your travel credit or request the transfer of travel credits please visit

What happens to unused travel credit?

SKYFUNDS travel credit may be used for future educational travel. In fact, the cummulating effect of scrip fundraising makes future trips affordable for students and parents traveling as chaperones. Any unused travel credit not used by the participant (or accompanying chaperone) may be donated to another Orange Sky participant or group, or given to the SKYFUNDS Scholarship Program for distribution to deserving students and teachers. If a SKYFUNDS account account has a positive balance on August 31st of the graduation year of a family's youngest student, the travel credit will automatically be donated to the SKYFUNDS Scholarship Program.

Do you accept donations for travel credit?

Yes. Donating travel credit is a great investment in the lives of students. Unlike traditional school fundraisers, SKYFUNDS directly benefits the individual or group of your choice and maximizes their earnings. Most fundraising companies offer schools and organizations a 50%-70% net profit whereas SKYFUNDS deposits 80% of each donation into the student or group account of your choice. SKYFUNDS is also a non-profit organization. Therefore, donations for the benefit of an entire group or to a select number of individuals in need (previously identified by the school/organization) may be tax-deductible. Donors giving more than $250 in a single contribution to SKYFUNDS will receive a charitable receipt for their donation via email. Donations to a specific participant are typically not considered to be tax deductible. Please note: SKYFUNDS does not offer tax benefits for scrip fundraising. You may donate by credit card or by mailing a check to SKYFUNDS at P.O. Box 1802, Simpsonville, SC 29681. Please make the check out to SKYFUNDS and write the Group # and name of benefitting participant or group on the memo line.

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